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The Community Response Plan

The Community Response Plan has been developed to guide communities in the event of a civil defence emergency.

In the event of an emergency situation in your community, this plan explains what will happen and what you need to do.

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  • Event Title:

    Welfare Foundation Course

    Event Date:

    03 May 2014


    Civil Defence are hosting this event read more

  • Event Title:

    Waitakere Neighbourhood Support

    Event Date:

    15 May 2014


    Committee Meeting read more

  • Event Title:

    Radio Training Course

    Event Date:

    22 May 2014


    UHF Emergency Radio training for Papakura/Confier Grove CRG teams read more

Get Ready

At Home

If a disaster happened now, would you be ready? This website will show you how to get ready, so you'll get through...

Be Prepared at Home

At School

What’s the Plan Stan is an initiative which aims to support teachers to develop their students’ knowledge, skills and attitudes to respond to and prepare for an emergency..

Be Prepared at School

At Work

Planning for emergencies is a sensible precaution. We are faced with a variety of hazards that could cause an emergency for your business..

Be Prepared at Work

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